One of Cebu's Best Kept Secret

is a Secret no More...

Three hundred year's of Spanish

Presence in the Philippines have

left an indelible mark on Filipino

cultures.Christianity, a penhant for

colorfull fiestas, and soial values

suh as palabra de honor (word

of honor) remain alive in the country

today. And thankfully, so is symptuosly

rich spanish cuisine.

If you're looking for culinary gem

that whips up spanish meals tucked

away in a quiet back street,somewhere

in Cebu, then trust Arano's to fill your


Senor Angel Ibarlucea y Arano, ther

Restaurant's rey de la coina (King of

Kichen), makes sure that every

Arano's patrin leaves feeling satisfied

Don't ask him his reommmended dishes,

though.It's like asking a father to play

favorites among his children.

''Lami Tanan'' (everything is delicious),

''he guarantees in vernacular, his

adapted toungue. Originally from

spain's Basque region, Senor Angel

arrived in Cebu's shores in 1964.

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Kitchen styles

I like this classic kitchen look in early american style, a rustic elegance, this cabinetry exemplifies a log home kitchen taken to new levels. Beaded Inset cabinetry, Portsmouth door style, and Toffee glaze over Linen Milk Paint all contribute to a more formal look (and don't overlook the integrated turned legs in various places!) Vast space allows for two well-appointed islands, and a convenient desk area. We understand the view from the mountain top is impressive as well!
Theres a lot of kitchen styles to choose from, that suits your style.

The BIRTH of This BLOG

This blog is born in the reason of, we wanted to help you guys about some simple home fixtures that you need. We hope that this blog can help you even in a little way. We try our best in our knowledge to help you and suggest what you need to do. Our goal is to help you give your house a little makeover in low cost and quality work.
You can also help us suggest about what topic we need to blog, or anything you want to know about home fixtures.
We are happy to share what ever we can to help you.

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